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Turkey Hunting

South Carolina Turkey Hunting


Eastern wild turkeys are one of the most exciting and challenging sub-species of wild turkeys – possibly even of all game birds, period. No one can mistake the gobble of an Eastern Tom as he comes into your setup!

Eastern Gobblers are the most wary of the sub-species because they are the most widely hunted turkey in North America. For this reason, we hunt only 2 hunters at a time to ensure that each person has the maximum opportunity to hunt birds that have not been pressured or bumped. Only mature toms with an 8” beard or better can be taken, and you are allowed 2 gobblers per day with a 2 bird limit.

There are people who hunt turkeys and there are turkey hunters. We at WHS are turkey hunters! We so enjoy the anticipation of working a bird in for one of our guests and probably get a little too excited when one is taken! Turkey hunting is truly our passion!

We can hunt both morning and afternoon during the turkey season as there is no cut off time for our turkey hunts. All lodging and meals are included in the price of your stay.


  • All transportation, taxes and lodging
  • Linen and Towels.
  • Price per person includes a bed in one of two bedrooms.
We can provide transportation to and from the airport for a small fee. Field dressing of turkeys at a small additional charge ($20.00). Hunters must provide their own coolers.


Licenses and tags can be obtained by calling 866-714-3611 24/7.

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