Deer Hunting

South Carolina Deer Hunting


Here at Waccamaw Hunting Services we pride ourselves in “quality” not “quantity”. No more than 5 hunters are in the field at any given time, offering our guests the best opportunity to hunt unpressured deer. Hunters will see and hunt these South Carolina whitetails in their normal feeding, breeding and moving habits. Tactics including stand rotation, hunting with the wind and a strict policy on guests not leaving their stands as well as having a lot more land than you can hunt on a 5 day trip all ensure that you have the best opportunity to take that buck of a lifetime!

Our management rule on bucks is strict but simple: At least an eight point with a minimum 15” spread. NO EXCEPTIONS. An illegal kill fee of $500 for a buck not meeting the requirements has been in place since 1999 and has resulted in an older age class of deer and some of the best deer hunting in South Carolina! We have several different tracts of land across the famed Pee Dee region. Browse through our trophy gallery and you will see that some of our bucks are really wide, some are really tall and some have both with great mass!

We offer 2 sittings per day and you are allowed to take 2 deer per day, one deer per sitting. If you wish to sit all day, as some guests like to do, this can be productive and accommodated for you. Our South Carolina deer hunts are semi-guided, which means we offer ladder stands, tripod stands, ground blinds and hang on stands for bow hunters. All our stands and blinds are regularly checked and maintained to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable hunt.

Our 7,000 acres gives hunters access to more private land than most of the operations in the South that take thirty or more people at a time, yet we have a greater success rate and a much higher repeat customer percentage.  Simply put, we know how to give hunters what they want while still providing for the wildlife. WHS is not just an outfitting service – we are hunters ourselves and when you take a nice buck with us, it feels just like we did it ourselves!

Deer Hunting

Wild hogs can be taken during any deer hunting package. NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!


  • All meals and lodging in our rustic hunting lodge
  • Transportation to and from the field
  • High quality deer hunting stands
  • Clean linen and towels
  • Price per person includes a bed in one of two bedrooms
We can, if you wish, provide transportation to and from the airport for a small fee. All deer will be taken to a processing facility to be packaged the way you like it. Hunters must provide their own coolers.

Licenses and tags can be obtained by calling 866-714-3611 24/7.

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