Hog Hunting

South Carolina Hog Hunting


Wild boar hunting is one of South Carolina’s fastest growing activities and is one of our most popular hunts here at WHS. Our hunters are quickly finding out why it has been known to be called “The Sport of Kings!”

In keeping with our goal of minimal wildlife pressure, no more than 5 hunters are taken at one time. You will hunt some of the most beautiful property in this country! Hunter success and shot ratio since 1999 has been very high, with many shot opportunities over a few days’ trip. We have plenty of them, no doubt about it!

Wild hogs are nocturnal animals. They begin feeding late afternoon and will feed all night long, heading in to lay up for the day just before sunrise. Because of this fact, we do things a little differently than most: we ONLY hunt afternoons for wild hogs during the winter period as this is when true, free-range boar are most active. We don’t pressure them morning, noon and night, leading to greater success for our clients. All hunts are conducted from elevated stands and ground blinds. You are allowed 1 hog per sitting. An additional hog can be taken on same stand, same sitting for $150 with a limit of 2 total per sitting. We do not conduct any “night hunts” during our winter period.

To offer our guests the greatest chance for success, we don’t do any stalking or dog hunts for hogs because this only leads to more pressure and fewer hogs seen from the stands. Hogs usually run in weight from 50 pounds on up to 350 pounds. The longer you wait on stand before taking one, the bigger they get! Smaller, immature hogs come in early and will keep you company while the bigger ones usually stay back until just before dark to come in. There is no size limit on hogs that can be taken. Some guests want meat hogs and others want a “true wall hanger”. Either way is fine with us!

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  • All transportation and lodging
  • Linen and Towels.
  • Price per person includes a bed in one of two bedrooms.
We can provide transportation to and from the airport for a small fee. Hunters must provide their own coolers.


Licenses can be obtained by calling 866-714-3611 24/7.

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