• Over 7,000 Acres of Private Land



Deer Hunts

We offer some of the finest deer hunting in South Carolina. Deer hunts are limited to 5 hunters per week on over 7,000 acres of private land! This leads to less hunting pressure and a much greater chance at harvesting that mature buck you’re looking for!


Turkey Hunts

 Some people hunt turkeys and some people are turkey hunters. Here at WHS we are turkey hunters! We have a very healthy Eastern turkey population and limit the number of turkey hunters we take in order to provide the best possible turkey hunts for our clients.

Boar Hunts

 Come enjoy one of the most popular hunts that we offer. Our South Carolina “free range” hog hunts feature extremely high success rates with many hunters experiencing several shot opportunities during their stay! These hunts are a blast and like our other hunts, fun for all ages!

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